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REWARD PROGRAM is to create
and accumulate points
for your room rates and food & beverage purchased
in dining /
restaurants of Royal Hotel Seoul.
Accumulated points can be used like cash.
There are no membership fee and annual fee.
5% of room rates and 10% of purchase in dining/restaurants. Points can be accumulated only for eligible purchases.
Taxes are excluded. You need to bring your membership card with you to accumulate the points.
Point creation
Room reservations on Royal Hotel Seoul website, via phone
and food & beverage in The Garden,Patisserie Etocle,Grand Kitchen.
Point creation
By a corporate, or for group events, and food & beverage in banquet.
Expiration date
Points are valid for the first five years from the moment of their creation and the points that are not used
within the expiration date will be automatically disappeared.
If there is no purchase for five years after join, the membership is automatically revoked.
Use of
Rooms / Food & beverage (available with at least 20,000 points)
How to
- Rooms : 
By submitting an application form at check-in
- Food & beverage : 
By submitting an application form in restaurants
Tel : +82-2-756-1112
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gold 카드
Platinum Membership cards are issued to Royal Hotel Seoul VVIP customers among Gold Membership members.
Guests who spent more than 3mil.won over two years produced from guest room and Food & Beverage.
Points of 10% of the purchase for rooms and 15% of the purchase for food & beverage Restaurants.
Membership period
Valid for one year from the issue date. However, it will be automatically extended when the used money is over 1.5 mil won in one year.
How to join
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