Club Sky Lounge

It boasts a more cozy and comfortable atmosphere with beautiful panoramic views of downtown, Myeong-dong Cathedral and N Seoul Tower as it located on the top floor of the 21st floor. You can enjoy your private time according to the customized concept for each time from 13:30 to 21:30.

Afternoon Tea

KRW 25,000

13:30 ~ 16:30 Fruits / Pastries / Dessert

Enjoy a sweet dessert time with carefully selected seasonal fruits and pastries.

Happy Hour & Wine

KRW 35,000

17:00 ~ 19:30 Wine / Beer / Light Snacks

Enjoy a happy evening time with mellow wine and hot & cold dishes looking at the fantastic night view of Myeongdong Cathedral and N Seoul Tower.

Evening Bar

(Alcoholic beverages and side dishes are separately for sale)

Enjoy a healing time to end your day with the fantastic night view of the city.


Room Guest Information
Select additional Premier Room Guest - Club Sky Lounge package (per person per day, tax included)

KRW 44,000 : Club Sky Lounge
KRW 66,000 : Club Sky Lounge + Breakfast


Club Sky Lounge(21st floor)

Business Hours

08:00~12:00 Available at The Garden (1F)

Detailed usage information

08:00~12:00 (The Garden -1F) Morning tea (coffee/cookies)
13:30~16:30 Afternoon Tea(Fruits / Pastries / Dessert)
17:00~19:30 Happy Hour & Wine(Wine/Beer/Light Snacks)
19:30~21:30 Evening Bar * Alcoholic beverages and side dishes are separately for sale


Lounge is open to guests aged 13 years and older only.(From 17:00 to 21:30, it is only available to guests over the age of 19)


Meeting room : 2 hours free (advance reservation), limited to 6 people